Aside from Aggron and Dialga, Bastiodon is the only Pokemon who can learn the fearsome move Metal Burst, which is the equivalent of Mirror Coat and Counter except for both physical and special attacks. The user draws power to attack by using its held Berry. Fiche stratégique du Pokémon Bastiodon (Bastiodon). en; Composition . Minimum IVs . This may also make the target flinch. EB Attaques pour le jeu … This may also make the opposing Pokémon flinch. Gen DP. One of Bastiodon's … Suggested players. The user burrows, then attacks on the next turn. Bastiodon is weak to Fighting, Ground, and Water-typed attacks. Il faudra donc bien faire attention en analysant la team adverse et … I hated her cause she was only female and combee had a really low female rate and waiting for those stupid combees to show up at those honey trees … If the user's previous move has failed, the power of this move doubles. The user stabs the target from below with sharpened stones. For Pokemon Diamond Version on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ok, I want a Bastiodon...what's a good Moveset and Nature for it? Bastiodon 70 XY—Steam Siege. Toxik empoisonne un adversaire et permet de gêner les Stallers adverses. The more the user outweighs the target, the greater the move's power. Magic Coat will bounce back Taunt or harmful statuses, ensuring Bastiodon's longevity; it can also reflect any incoming Spikes or Toxic Spikes, saving the team time for setting up while the opponent has to lay down entry hazards. The user intensifies the sun for five turns, powering up Fire-type moves. This full-power attack grows more powerful the less the user likes its Trainer. The power varies, depending on the original move. Login Required. Le suffixe « -odon » est relatif aux dents et est ici présent pour souligner le grillage reliant deux parties du bouclier formant des dents sur le visage de ce Pokémon. About "This Pokémon is from roughly 100 million years ago. Connectez-vous au Club des Dresseurs Pokémon pour ajouter des Pokémon à votre collection. The user enrages and confuses the target. A reckless, full-body charge attack for slamming into the target. This may also leave the target with a burn. While it is asleep, the user randomly uses one of the moves it knows. In the wild, this ends a battle against a single Pokémon. Swalot's ability, Liquid Ooze, ruins Leech Seed as well. Items. The user materializes its aura using its Z-Power and attacks the target with full force. The power varies depending on the original move. The user sets off an earthquake that strikes every Pokémon around it. Avec ses bonnes défenses et son talent Fermeté le placement des pièges est normalement assuré, ce qui fait de Bastiodon un, • Le jouer en Sleep Talker (Repos + Blabla Dodo), Fiche éditée le 10/10/2019 pour le motif : "Mention mesprit", Fiche éditée le 13/02/2019 pour le motif : "Actualisation", Fiche éditée le 03/11/2018 pour le motif : "Mise à jour", Fiche éditée le 28/05/2016 pour le motif : "Corrections erreurs mineures". Bastiodon Cards Bastiodon 85 Ultra Prism. If a Pokémon is holding a certain item, such as a Berry, the item becomes burned up and unusable. If it is the opposite gender of the user, the target becomes infatuated and less likely to attack. Bastiodon is an awesome Rock and Steel-typed Pokemon. De mauvaises statistiques offensives, une Vitesse ridicule. Le bouclier protégeant Bastiodon est comparé dans son étymologie à la dureté et à la protection d'un bastion, qui est un élément de fortification. Raid. Trois faiblesses courantes. 2-5. Def stat. The target faints instantly if this attack hits. Un Bastiodon adulte pouvait résister à toute attaque frontale. DP; BW; XY; SM; SS; NeverUsed. A horrible sound like scraping metal harshly lowers the target's Sp. USUL Attaques pour le jeu Ultra Soleil - Ultra Lune. In other gens: GS; RS; DP; BW; XY; SM; SS; NeverUsed. This may also make the target flinch. This Pokémon is from roughly 100 million years ago. This may also lower the target's Sp. If you have a good competitive moveset for Bastiodon, post an answer below and upvote the best ones.Movesets for any of its pre-evolutions can also be shared on this thread.